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Whatever is just happening

Whatever is just happening around me, I don’t know. But, I went out friday and saturday wearing the most beautiful dress I’ve ever worn. Which does not mean a lot, ’cause I am pretty young. So, we went in some … Continue reading

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I am very sorry, but I couldn’t subscribe this week. New semester has started and there is too much to do for me. I figured out that 3 times a week I’ll  have lessons in the afternoon which is not … Continue reading

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Ever after

Today was so difficult to me, Everything now is. And as a lay down on my bed, All around me disappears. My body just a machine, Being out of use. Never thinking of the truth, Surrounding persons picture me. Never … Continue reading

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Am I right?

We just realise the immediate surrounding. But what is that, that surrounds the surrounding and why don’t we understand it? This would be explainable, by saying that we are the programmed projection of another world. Like a hologram which is … Continue reading

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