Hey guys, i’ve been in Brussels on tuesday.

It was just what I needed, turning thoughts off and sleeping in car. So we ate a lot. Some chips with chicken (delicios!!) and a crêpe with marple sirup, which was not that good. Coffe is another thing which you should not go for to Brussels, it is to bitter and way to liquid.

So, another thing. I have los my usb-cable for my camera, so you’ll have to wait till monday, so I have time to buy one.

For now I can only say that every day is pretty difficult for me. And I wish it was over, but I’ll continue living forver!

By now everything has changed.

I have realized my status,

I have adapted.

And still not everyone knows,

Too dangerous.

I will always look at you ,

From far away,

So you do not recordnize,

What I feel.

I will always talk to you,

Without any shame.

Without any emotion.

And when winter will turn to summer,

I bet you will not know me anymore.

But I promise will never forget you,

As once I promised not to forget,

All the other passed ones.

And never relie on anyone,

Not even on me,

‘Cause doubtful as you are,

You will never believe.

But will you never expect me,

To tell the truth.

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