So, let’s face some facts today:

It is the 17th of march 2011. There is some revolution going on in Lybia and Gaddafi is trying to stop that. Egypt is still without any real government. In Japan has been some earthquake and a nuclear power plant did not work out. Some things exploded. But, though I have compassion for all these happenings, I do not know. It all does not really touch me. There are way too many things you have compassion with. We depend on empathie, I know. But still I do not see too much sense in givving people compassion if you cannot afford giving them any kind of help.

I met some guy today, I know I will be pretty european but, let’s say it like this. He is alright. He is neither that good looking, nor too intelligent, nor tricky enough and nor flashing. But he is that kind of guy, you really have to do something with. I do not have any clue of what, but if I will discover and be able to do it. god, I would swear to any god. Whatever. And he is a bloody, damned pervert. Like always thinking of that stuff and alwyas trying to, you know?




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