Something different

Difference is what should be appreciated. Different is what we called our statuses of life. Difference is what defines us. Difference is relevant. But difference is not always good for social life.

By being different you recordnize the faults of other persons. By realizing your difference you recordnize your own character, your own intelligence. But you will never capable of dealing with them as they do with eachother. Your are kind of an outsider, also because you are definetly not moderate. And peaople cannot handle persons who are not moderate. I am lucky to be born in this generation.

Half of my generation is like I am. The other half is surely like you imagine us. Dumb, not interested and facile. One quarter of it is extreme. One quater will not reach any of the aims you gave us. Aims like work, money, family and everything in that direction. But not because they are not intelligent or stuff, but just because of their opposition to the system. Their idleness. We color our hair, we have tatoos, piercings, we are intelligent, not really loved. We are rich, famous, hated, loved and we are bougeois. We are more then you have ever been in our first years and we are less then you have been in your best years.



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