I do not think there’s much to talk about today. This weekend was alright, not defining it ethically defensible. I went to some club, ruming around, went to some places, seen some friends, but I do not know what got me back to earth, but something did.
I find myself caught in changes I really did neither expect nor want to happen.
But isn’t life always like this, I mean, you find yourself pretty secure on stuff you’re doing and then it turns around to be so incredibly dumb, you did not even take in consideration?

And suddenly looking at some random stuff,
I figure out,
people are never what you expect,
and if sadness fills you with tears,
pleasure will rise up again,
like day and night,
both swap position.

And as I regard my faults and bitternesses,
I do not regret any.
Causes may not seem obvious,
but listen,
you out there in loneliness,
what ever makes you feel sad,
is there to be eliminated.

And what will ever arrest you in unlighted night,
is there to be changed.
I am not saying,
you have to break every burden which you’ll find,
I just say,
peace will come,
the day burden and pleasure are equal,
as day and night,
regarded on one year terms, are equal.

And never forget,
that every night lights up because of moon,
and ever day darkens because of shadows.


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