Words. Cross mind. Level up. Going down. Nonsense. CSI. Cars. People. Relations. Sigarettes. Weed. Drugs. Illnesses. Colours. Forgivnes. Natural. Fake. Incredible. Lights.

Words cross my mind, going up and down and it makes no sense to me. I am watching CSI and listening to cars, people and figuring out their relations. I want a sigarette and hate people, who are dependant on weed. Drugs are ilnesses. And colours seem to bright. I do not forgive stupidity, though everything does never seem aturalm it looks like a fake. Incredible light, flashing here.

Astonished by behavior,
I miss the brightness of life.

I recordnize colours,
but grey as before.

How astonishing,
new perspective of hearing.

warm temperature.

Forgive myself,
my weakness.


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