Music is my inspiration, it envolves me, it puts me in a phase of trance which makes my brains work with trippled velocity, with trippled abstractness. I never wonder if it is like this to others, but I suddenly lose touch with reality and fly high into my mental sky which revoltes up and down which revoltes wrong and right and makes blackness appear in its maximal absurdity and seem as beautiful as white never could to me.

Disorientation is a status known to me. Disorientated daily, on my way to the tram crossing the street, streetcar named desire, people around me wondering about my crazy look and my absence. Wondering about their behavior so sensless and beautiful, because of its absurdity, walking to some apartment, unknown strangers talk to me and I wonder.

Lights flashing although everything seems shadowed by some greyish curtain and it occupies my mind, how green, yellow and blue are dominant.And all that surrounds me seems to be like an extraordinary large sphere, and I stare at this rotund thing around me, capturing me, including me in something so unique. I am walking on air and everything I touch just vanishes in nothing.

So different from regularity I offer nothing but human pleasure to who can handle that biest, occupying, possessing me. And what I take in reward is that whole of your soul, leaving you desperate and broken in the corner of your dark and messy bedroom. As long as you long for me, there will be no hope, no desire, no solution of pressure achieved. The ocean’s description is analogical.


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