Body and soul

Seperate soul from body, instinctivly. Your soul is bothered but your body not harmed. Phisical pain gives psychological relief. Phisical pleasure, gives none but confusion. Gain pleasure by intellectual thought, ’cause touch does no more than warm you. Finger tips are cold, fingers so frozen, hands unfelt, ’till they touch another part of your’s.

Agony is nothing but a situation and while movement is happening, soul is firm. Wonder if delight will light you up again. Soul has room for loneliness, while body is always presented. Mirrors just scratch your surface, due to their visual revelation of body’s and brain’s attachment.

Room is not more than giving you freedom of sensation, while space leaves you freedom of thought.


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1 Response to Body and soul

  1. Tincup says:

    This is sage. Of course, since I am not a sage, I still hold on to the naive notion of Love…which includes both a physical and mental connection with another without destroying each individual. On the contrary, perhaps it can lift each individual up. I am not sure it can exist long-term and maybe it isn’t supposed too. We all evolve….well not all.

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