Done it again. Did not know how to react I got envolved again. My body works, but it is aiching. Body wants, lust takes over. Passion is not, because that is to sensuakl. Lust, animal. You are like an animal, not controlling what happens. Knowledge of other’s pain does not bother you. Just do not give a fuck, or give to much. It does not count, because you do not want to give him something. He gets it, he wants it. Wants more, but you just pass him by and take the other one. Burning are the others’ fires, not your’s. Your’s is dead. Dead since so long, woke up to the wrong person again and murdered by yourself.


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5 Responses to Fuck

  1. Tincup says:

    Appropriate title:)

  2. Tincup says:

    This is such an interesting subject and your honesty is rare. I struggle with this subject and have so through my last 30 trips around sun (13 is still too young too contemplate). There is lust and attraction, and I believe there is respect, mental, and spiritual attraction. I have, unfortunately, throughout my life, pretty much gone for the former rather than the later. I haven’t found a scenario when the two combine. I imagine it would be intense…probably almost war-like…where the two are in constant battle to grow and maintain their own growth and individuality. Perhaps such a scenario would be detrimental to each individual. Perhaps the male and female relationship is purely physical. I would like to believe in Love…but perhaps that is merely a fallacy. Perhaps that is why Romeo and Juliet is the greatest love story of all time (my brother’s idea)…both died before they actually had to endure each other through time.

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