“Carry on, my songs forever, forever carry on, for as long as we’re together now” – Manowar

You just say, just say that.
But you know, it does not matter,
what  you think, do or are,
there is alway someone better,
much better,
how difficult that is.
I do not feel satisfied,
Could do better,
not do better.


PS: The picture has the only purpose, to show how cool I am, posting pictures of me … -.-


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1 Response to Know

  1. Tincup says:

    lol…artist’s have such big egos…of course they have too. When I was an athlete or jock…I used to feel the same way…but realized I could only compare my progress relative to myself…that was all I could control…and it worked pretty well when I had passion for what I was doing. Nice picture…looks like the type of apartment I lived in when in Dusseldorf.

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