Birthday shit

So it’s time the time again. ‘Round my birthday. What feels right and what wrong, just behind the wrong person again, I know he does not want to take it serious, ’cause as he says, he is an ashole. And he was right about it, so why wonder?

The Firm – Make or Break

Soft, massive, sturdy.
Not high, young.
Never excuses hisself.
Sleep, could come over.
Will never come.

Twohundred windows,
Respect, pride, honor.

Mother is his friend,
rejecting brother.

Sleep, education,
more less than more.

Drugs, too much trust
No risk,
His girl,
Alcohol, existence.

Spitting at his feet,
Drag him out.

Am afraid,
Threaten him.


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1 Response to Birthday shit

  1. Tincup says:

    Happy Geburstah…or something like that. I hope he or someone takes u out for a nice dinner and night out to celebrate. If not…perhaps a good night to drink and paint.

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