Go to Hell

Does that seem real. Makes me so fascinated. Is so obvious. and I still did not get it, ’cause I am dumb. So freaking dumb. Said he’d call. Said he’d do it. But it is like that. I always just get the wrong one, treating me like shit. So let’S be intentional. I’ve eaten way too much today, but let’s try not to eat for a few days, maybe mental dissolution from body will turn either my hormons in and out again or help me clarify my thoughts. Maybe it is just, that eating makes me feel high and I do not want to be clear. Maybe high I’ll see the world in a different way. Not go crazy on usual stuff. But it makes me sick, so freaking sick.


Feeling like a tambourine,
pupped out,
pupped up.

Gone down like moses,
cut the ocean for you,
gone down to hell,
and straight back to town.

Satan waits unprepared,
for you to step up,
god is hell,
and light the dark.

So as waves,
makes the ocean breathe,
you’ve made me wonder,
I’ve glimpsed at every hour.
Gone crazy for one single mistake.

I’ve driven an hour,
waited at your door,
for you to turn me down,
as wind disguises warmth.


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2 Responses to Go to Hell

  1. Tincup says:

    Wishing…that you find a “dark” prince…clearly he isn’t one

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