As times walks by,
new year’s eve,
I function,
with disfunction.

Remember love,
regret nothing,
just one thing,
you are in hell.

Desperate for
one emotion,
one touch,
one word.

And as I can see the waves literally burning my skn. Imagination and reality turned out to be one and the same. Whilst the ocean breathes I walk these streets alone. Waiting for anything from you, but I know you are not calling, not coming, not doing anything, because I am crazy. Illnesses struck me, in through outside, take advantage of me and do as you please. No word, no sound, no beat, no vibration. I am no more than soul in body. Electric shocks make you work. The clocks are running wild, time is just flowing away. I hide, hide from the world, presenting my body to it, as there is no more than that to show.


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1 Response to Word

  1. Tincup says:

    Raw, pure, true…you do honor to the word

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