As a tragedy
blown apart,
as a gift,
given with fear.

Shake within some men,
the true blood invane,
duty has vanished,
surpression of freedom.

The king’s debt,
not yet payed,
narcism wakes,
false remote senses.

Honor the queen,
while she treats you raw,
if honest men,
will die upon.

Battlefield weaknesses,
broken in doubt,
flesh is no question,
just mental reveal.


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2 Responses to Aside

  1. Tincup says:

    Moving self portrait and powerful poem.

  2. Idebenone says:

    When we think of spiritual poetry, we often think of the great writers of the past. Amazingly, the Sufi, Jalaluddin Rumi, is the bestselling poet in America today! It is no accident that this 13th century mystic speaks to many people more directly and powerfully than our own contemporaries! But the unique genius of a Rumi should not blind us to the fact that he speaks of experiences and states of at-one-ment that are equally available to us today. All of us are budding Rumi’s who can write poems that flow from our own experience of Spirit.

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