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Hey guys, i’ve been in Brussels on tuesday. It was just what I needed, turning thoughts off and sleeping in car. So we ate a lot. Some chips with chicken (delicios!!) and a crêpe with marple sirup, which was not … Continue reading

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She wanted me to write, Write down my feelings, My behavior. Appreciated my difference from the others, As I appreciated hers. I am falling. Falling for so long, I cannot talk to her anymore, Cannot write with her, Philosoph with … Continue reading

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Today’s discovery

As I went home from Italian lesson today, I have listened to my iPod. Once I have to show it to you. Its only problem is, one earplug is not working. Still, I was listening to it and I discovered … Continue reading

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I am very sorry, but I couldn’t subscribe this week. New semester has started and there is too much to do for me. I figured out that 3 times a week I’ll  have lessons in the afternoon which is not … Continue reading

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