I am very sorry, but I couldn’t subscribe this week. New semester has started and there is too much to do for me. I figured out that 3 times a week I’ll  have lessons in the afternoon which is not normal for german school. And I just am very tired. So if I’m writing things which aren’t interesting nevermind!

This weekend was incredible. On friday we went out and had a drink or two and just had a lot of fun. But I wasn’t that happy about a friend  of mine. Sometimes we’re necking eachotherbut at that day, I really was not in the mood for him.

But in comparison with saturday that was nothing. Saturday, we had a drink, we danced and I had a lot of fun with him. We DID smoke a lot, but we had good sigarettes. But andyways, here’s some poem for you.

When time stands still and creativity does not reach out,

The only thing remaining is cold,

Cold and the vakuum in yourself.

Because vakuum is the nothing which describes best,

The sense of what yourself wants.

I have never waited these long days,

For anyone not to come back.

But ought the times I played with you,

It is just what remains.



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