Whatever is just happening

Whatever is just happening around me, I don’t know.

But, I went out friday and saturday wearing the most beautiful dress I’ve ever worn. Which does not mean a lot, ’cause I am pretty young.

So, we went in some club called loft neuss, and there was a kind of cage in there, Jessie and I were occupying it the whole time. Just dancing in there and forgetting the time. And what was really cool, I have met a lot of italians. It’s nice to find some home in here.

So and saturday it was a friend of mines birthday. I loved dancing there, but when some friend of mine wanted to kiss me, I just refused. He really went on trying and was kind of aggressive. But I refused him and so he went a way terribly frustrated. So anyways I figured out, some things are sometimes just in the right place. And here is the obligated ‘poem’ for you:

I refused the nightly kisses,

Sended by someone known.

I admit my only failure,

Accepting the stranger ones.

Reminding liberty indeed,

I’ll live without remark.

Dancing close to someone,

Is always that appropriate.

And though the compliments have come,

I bet the time is right.

Just waiting for your lover,

To come right out of nowhere.

Never interpret too much,

And never leave undone,

Your everything around.


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