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You know, sometimes you figure out, you have to be the parent of your parents. I will not tell you any details, but I just figured it out. You know there is a song, it is called  ‘Wenn es passiert'(When … Continue reading

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So, let’s face some facts today: It is the 17th of march 2011. There is some revolution going on in Lybia and Gaddafi is trying to stop that. Egypt is still without any real government. In Japan has been some … Continue reading

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Hey guys, i’ve been in Brussels on tuesday. It was just what I needed, turning thoughts off and sleeping in car. So we ate a lot. Some chips with chicken (delicios!!) and a crêpe with marple sirup, which was not … Continue reading

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She wanted me to write, Write down my feelings, My behavior. Appreciated my difference from the others, As I appreciated hers. I am falling. Falling for so long, I cannot talk to her anymore, Cannot write with her, Philosoph with … Continue reading

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I have lost the illusion of us, Ever learning from eachother, I have lost the face of you, In my memory. And I have ignored the others for oh so long, My independence waved the last, Last greeting before death. … Continue reading

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Today’s discovery

As I went home from Italian lesson today, I have listened to my iPod. Once I have to show it to you. Its only problem is, one earplug is not working. Still, I was listening to it and I discovered … Continue reading

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