Adrenalin strikes your body and the engines start working, caused by a single moment, electric shocks make your neurons connect. The part of your bran which cares of feelings works again. It has been so long since, true movement has made your body want. Want something more than hello and goodbye. Haunting you is the warmth you still feel. So long ago, desire has lighten up. Your soul reacts and strikes the small body, desire, desire, desire is no more than reaction. Tell yourself, thruth is evidence. You know you’re healing. Healing, could it be, one evening, warmth, heart touched and you feel. Regret no, too much proud. Flow is what you are in, caused by proven facts.

You see sun and the cold wind blows your pain back in. Sweet pain, while you walk, move and work. Beauty is not out of you, but in yourself. How yould the beauty of emotions be forgotten? Feel like you suddenly woke up, after years of seelping. Hurt again, again and again. Just because you can not react, not how you’d like to, but it’s there. Growing, grwoing, little cactus.


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