You know, sometimes you figure out, you have to be the parent of your parents. I will not tell you any details, but I just figured it out. You know there is a song, it is called  ‘Wenn es passiert'(When it happens) made by Wir Sind Helden(We are heroes). It just reminded me of my father and I figured out, I just would love him to be like that man in their video. Just being some boring old man, finally discovering his real nature. Just running around doing some crazy stuff and yeah, being happy. I really would love him to be like that. But since he is not able to be like that, since he is not able to find himself by being something different. He is just sitting there in his armchair waiting for some drinks, witing for someone to ease his life. Witing for anyone just to pull his ass off. And I would really like to do that. But I know, I tried my best. Showing him off everytime and know, it is his choice. Either he finds a way or he is going to die sitting in that armchair waiting for a person to run him off.

Have you ever, ever seen,
Anybody just sitting on his chair.

Laptop is on,
internet shopping tour,
waiting for some money to come in.

A glass of wine,
at dinner, after dinner, before dinner,
some drinks,
after wine, with wine, before wine.

Ever thought of a person,
closing his own daughter,
on the balcony for half an hour,

Imagine any person,
black hair, swallen face, dark eyes.
Never looking at you.
Never listening to you.

I won’t complain,
chosen my destiny all by myself.
I won’t tell him anymore,
what he needs.

He would go,
out somewhere in the dark,
old summerdays lighting up his face

But he will never do,
since those things are,
yes, are difficult.


Wenn es passiert – Wir sind Helden


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1 Response to Parents

  1. Tincup says:

    maybe a lightening bolt will throw him off his chair…lol

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